About PBS Retail

PBS was established to address the retail chain store business in South Africa, Africa and North America specialising in Rugs, Broadloom Carpets, Textiles and other retail products. With our expertise being design, research, product development and effective retail range planning across these categories we offer the most effective and up to date customised collections. Supported by our in-house design teams and established factories across the world we strive to bring all our customers the best across all aspects.

Empowering the Southern African Community

Prism Home Direct has identified a wonderful opportunity to bring our ethos of upliftment and ubhuntu to the people and the communities that surround us. We have worked hard and we have been fortunate. We have the skills, the resources and the determination to grow our business and make a success of it. Now, we want to share that good fortune with the people in the communities around us. We are proud to be a partner in empowering members of our communities, especially at a time in our country where the opportunity to uplift our communities, to create jobs and to empower people, must be taken!

Prism Home Direct, or PBS Direct sales is starting its initiative in KZN, where we have identified useful home products that ordinarily would not be able to accessible to people in rural communities. We have appointed 5 skilled, motivated managers who will head up a network selling agency for up to 300 agents. Our agents will earn commission on their sales, creating much needed employment, as well as access to affordable products that people in these communities would not otherwise enjoy. It is said that in our country, currently and on average, each adult person has at least 7 other people depending on them. With this endeavour, we are giving hope to a significantly larger number of people.

And this is just the beginning, we have great hopes that this project will turn into a larger opportunity in other provinces. We are committed to making this work and empowering our fellow South Africans.